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  1. Hello this is the Sillah family. Our testimony we went thru, we went from living in a non working car to a wonderful beautiful home with our car back up and running. A big blessing thanks to the Southern Crescent Veteran Service for helping us! We thank you all so much!!! We are very appreciative and very greatful that there is help out here!!! This organization is a very very great helpful place to contact. I recommend to go to them all the time if you’re going in a Crisis. I love you all who helped my family get out the hot car so that we are safe and now have a beautiful home! Thank you! Also thank you so much for helping us with a hotel, until we got our home! I’m very very greatful there’s organizations like this! Thank you all!


  2. Had the pleasure of meeting the CEO, Master Sergeant Baisden of this amazing organization. I am extremely grateful for what she has put together to assist the community and people in need. I know that whom ever she makes contact with this organization will be truly blessed with beneficial connections and more than enough resources.

  3. I have PROUDLY donated to Southern Cresent Veteran Services Inc. because our Vets make the decision to risk their lives for our freedoms and come home at times with nothing awaiting, except BILLS, and bad news. Sometimes they even return to an empty house/apartment because their family has decided to move on without them. I’m not rich but what I can donate or what time I can volunteer I will do so!
    Additionally, I support this organization and others like it because they are willing to do what some in high positions will not!


  4. After talking to Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden back in September 2022, I moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Georgia for a fresh start and new life.

    Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden has helped me go from being HOMELESS to helping me locate affordable housing, she has created my resume and cover letter, she has escorted me to and from the Georgia Department of Labor, and Georgia Department of Drivers Services, to helping me obtain a copy of my birth certificate needed to secure my first job at Dole Foods in McDonough, GA in a timely fashion.

    Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden has raised thousands of dollars to pay for lodging at local hotels and providing gift cards for food and gas for month until permanent housing was secured, and I started me new job.

    She has also assisted me with getting a FREE cell phone and tablet to keep me connected to family and friends back home.

    Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden and her organization (Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc.) has been a life saver.

    Thank You Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden AKA My New Sister you are a BLESSING…


  5. My name is Major (Ret) Ronnie J. Ogeltree and I am the current Commander for AM VETS Post 9-1-1 located in Southwest Atlanta.

    We have partnered with Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. because we share the same mission help Veterans and Youths during crisis be it financial or personal.

    Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden the current Vice President of Operations is doing a superb job in serving the Veterans in three (3) states Alabama, Georgia, & Texas. Thus if you are able to support with donations or through volunteering I am a strong supporter of all the events, programs, and projects that they offer to the Veterans and the communities they reside.

    Keep up the outstanding job!!!

    amvets img

  6. I am a Army Veteran in a alcohol treatment program . My lease was not renewed n I had days to move out. I ended up having to sleep in my car n was running out of money fast. Due to program I have many restrictions including staying in this county n not being able to move in with friends n family. I reached out to Master Sergeant Baisden n I was able to get immediate help n resources to figure way out of my situation. Idk what I would have done otherwise. Great team n very empathetic to my situation n I got immediate help. What a blessing this organization is and it gives me hope that I’m not alone out here in my struggles with life n people really care about Veterans.


  7. 2020 was the beginning of depression, frustration do to job loss because of COVID-19 and bills pilling up left and right in constant fear of being homeless.

    I had six (6) months of past due rent, five (5) months of past due utilities when I reached out to Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. and all bills have been paid in full now.

    I have a better job with benefits all because Southern Crescent Veterans Services Inc. Vice President of Operations located grants after grants that I qualified for an helped me to get all paper work filed in a timely fashion.

    Today and my future looks brighter….


  8. I’m a Navy vet who recently fell on hard times. Became homeless and really was ready to give up because I felt I ran out of options. Then I volunteered at a Veterans community center and met a rep from this organization named Ms. Pat. Ms. Pat and the org. helped pay off my storage and currently helping find me a place to call home.

  9. I decided to joined this nonprofit organization after medically retiring from the Army after 28 years. I loved being there for Soldiers and helping in any way I can. So being a apart of such an organization made what to give back to those with my financial donations. Also, by volunteering and being able to see the smiles on there faces and showing the we do care about them. I remember when I was young and we didn’t have money sometimes to all the pay bills or not enough food. So I understand how they feel so being able to give back is so rewarding.

  10. This organization has really been a great help to my family. I had a decrease in income and didn’t know how I was going to pay my mortgage. They helped to relieve some of the burden. I’m very grateful.

  11. I moved to Georgia from North Carolina in August of 2021 due to a job relocation opportunity. My passion for giving back to a veteran organization needed to continue from my days living in North Carolina. I needed to seek out a veteran’s organization that would be a great place to volunteer, and Southern Crescent Veteran Services fulfilled my need. I met Master Sergeant Baisden (Ret.) while reaching out for temporary assistance. Luckily, I could make the connection because it led me to volunteer at a Nascar Infinity Series event, and I have signed up for future events with the organization. In addition, I have reached out to my employer resource group to see how we can get involved with Master Sergeant Baisden (Ret.) and the Southern Crescent Veteran Services organization.

  12. The leadership of this organization is super dedicated to their mission. We always have a great time when partnering at events for our brothers and sisters in the community. I always invite this nonprofit to events because I know they put the effort in to make sure veterans are being cared for everyday. Support Southern Crescent Veterans Services TODAY!

  13. We are so grateful for the services of Southern Crescent Veteran Services, Inc. in the Henry County community. Sgt. Baisden does an exceptional job of keeping us informed about our fellow citizens in need. From toys for children, to resources for ROTC teens to shoes for veterans, Sergeant Baisden devotes her time and resources to them all, and encourages others to do the same. Her level of commitment to serving others is unmatched, and my family and I look forward to continuing our volunteer service with Southern Crescent Veteran Services, Inc.

    vote image

  14. This wonderful organization adopted ten of our National Guard families in support of our annual Tammy S. McEver Christmas Assistance Program. Our Christmas Assistance initiative assists our GA National Guardsmen who may be unemployed or under employed with providing Christmas gifts for their children. Due to COVID-19 our donations from other community organization were much lower than previous years. SCVS allowed us to put a smile on the faces of more than twenty children.

  15. My wife and I met Master Sergeant Baisden a few years ago and she introduced us to her non profit Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. It is a first-class organization that is doing great work helping Veterans of the armed forces get on track with their lives. We have participated in Christmas toy drives, meals for the homeless veterans, and even finding them a place to live. Ms. Baisden deserves the support of the community because they are doing God’s work.

    kevin lewis

  16. It was such a pleasure to be a part of the Christmas toy distribution program with SCVS,inc. I’m looking forward to participating again next year. If you’re looking for a a volunteer spot, this is it. Thanks for the opportunity SCVS.


  17. Hello I am a homeless single 26 year old mother who just recently after 3 years was able to escape a very physically and mental domestic relationship. My child’s father I thought this man was the love of my life but hurt me more times than I can remember.me and my 2 year old son left 2 months ago now and have been homeless ever since. Not to mention with covid going on this is the worst time to be homeless I work a part time job and work 20 hours a week. Which is not very much at all , going in and out of hotel rooms and friend homes I just really am trying to get me and my child a stable home so that we can be comfortable and finally try to live a happy life. This organization has helped me and my son in many ways with Christmas coming they blessed my son with so very amazing things I want to THANK THEM SO MUCH

  18. I am a 14 years Navy vet. I was in need of gas for my car to get to work. Southern Crescent was able to help out. Thank you.


  19. Thank for you kind work and dedication to our veterans and their children. With their dad being away the suport is greatly appreciated. Your support during this time has been a much needed one. Continue the great work you’re doing in our community!!!

  20. Hello this organization helped me out when I didn’t have enough money to pay my utilities due to reduced job hours.

  21. Southern Crescent Veteran Services is an outstanding organization.They have assisted me on several occasions and just recently prevented me from being evicted from my home of seven years.I am truly grateful for their services and diligent efforts to assist Veterans in need.Please support this organization and let’s get the word out about this organization.Thank you

  22. Hello,
    I’m a disabled Army veteran that was recently in a car accident that was caused by a PTSD episode that left me as a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair and needing a full time caregiver. My fiancé lost her full-time employment due to this, we have been struggling financial for some time. A long with COVID-19 we have had a hard time making extra money to make ends meet. Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. was able to assist us with our rent to keep us in our home and prevented us from losing our home. We are extremely thankful for the assistance that was provided to me and my family.


  23. I donated because I know first hand Msgt Ret: Baisdens work. She was there for me & my children in the past & fought for us. I’ve never been so vulnerable in my life nor lost, and in that time of despair she came through like a white knight. I will always remember her & her tenacity to help others. I wanted to contribute to her cause so she can continue doing what she does best; aid veterans in their time of needs.

  24. I would like to say a heart-felt “Thank You” to MSgt Baisden with the Southern Crescent Veteran Services organization, for her acts of kindness. She has done a tremendous job and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The world needs more people like her, that genuinely care about others and are willing to assist them in their time of need. She worked very hard in helping my family and I get our electric bill paid, that was due to be disconnected due to my losing my job. She is also assisting me with trying to secure another job. I salute her and pray God’s blessings upon her and her family.

  25. Southern Crescent was there for me when no one else was. Going through one of the most stressful and heartbreaking moments of my life. Removing myself from a unsafe situation and trying to do it on my own with my daughter. If it wasn’t for them I’m not sure where I’d be right now.

  26. Hello
    My name is Phillip E Chancler Sr . I’m currently in the Texas Army Reserves , 35 years serving my country and taking care of veterans and people abroad.
    Southern Crescent Veterans Services helps all veterans past , present , future .
    I donate and contribute to Southern Crescent Veterans Services helping our veterans in time of needs . Southern Crescent Veterans Services impacts veterans by helping with family , finance , education , healthcare issues .
    Southern Crescent Veterans Services is the future for our veterans . I wake up everyday knowing that a veteran he or she and their families are in need . I’m proud , and honor in helping veterans 24 / 7 .

    philchan soldier image

  27. I needed Moving Assistance today. Mindful that I had already reached out to other organizations earlier who failed me due to this and that. Housing Stability is important to me. I have lived in transitional housing for 6 months. My move to permanent housing could not of been achieved if MSG Baisden & Southern Cresent Veteran Services Inc. had not responded. They are not ball droppers, they are
    “field goal kickers”.
    They are “chain breakers”.
    I am highly grateful, & may all players in SCVC be forever blessed.
    I encourage all to support this organization because they improve veteran lives & make the best effort to make a difference.

  28. I love all the great work you-all are doing in the community!!!! Your dedication to our veterans is needed and greatly appreciated!!!

    Latasha Awards

  29. As the founder of another non-profit (Bettie Brand Mothers’ Empowerment Fund), I can say we have had the honor and pleasure of supporting an outstanding veteran who oversees the Southern Crescent Veteran Services–Master Sergeant (Ret.) Baisden. Time and again she has demonstrated her immense talents and energy in helping other veterans from this fine group by taking them to doctor appointments (in a car donated by us) and healing fishing trips, as well as organizing various fund raising events for veterans and their children. As we have followed Ms. Baisden’s success, so have we been impressed with the organization for which she works. The Southern Crescent Veteran Services does great work with and for veterans. Bravo.


  30. This organization has been a blessing to my family on several occasions. With their Angel Tree program for Christmas to being able to reach out for resources to help through day to day. As a veteran I’m happy this organization is a resource that supports other veterans and families.


  31. Numerous challenges during this transition!! Hunger was ongoing!
    Me and my daughter felt a better sense of comfort once we were connected with this nonprofit!!!

    So glad they heeded the call!!

  32. For many years, the American people have worked tirelessly to identify ways to welcome the constant flow of our Soldiers home. Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. has developed a personal approach to meeting our warrior’s needs upon their return. We have often found Veterans homeless, jobless, or fighting to understand where they fit in the society that they once called home. At SCVS, every Veteran can be assured that our team will go to the end of the earth, to ensure your best transition back home. Welcome Home Warriors!

    – SFC (Ret) Danny Ellyson | Board Member


  33. My name is Khaldun and had it not been for this organization and this very special Master Sgt. Ret Baisden. Not only would I have given up I probably would be dead. Actually I get extremely emotional thinking about her Herculean effort to come to my rescue And not only did she come to my rescue but She did it within 24 hours upon hearing my plight She never questioned me or made me feel uncomfortable She just helped Get me temporary housing At a motel and then set me up yep to get transitional housing She took time To send me jobs notices any time a job appeared she helped me get a phone because mine was getting turned off. When I didn’t have any food she cashed app me some money to get me through because no one had time to get to me.
    And she drove over a hour with her family to come pick me up and rescue you made all of this within 26 hours of notice given to her. And at no time did she complain nor challenge my humanity, nor did she denigrate me. She just helped and saved me.
    I have to stop because I can’t see or speak clearly into the mic because of the tears.
    THIS ORGANIZATION is truly worthy of any humble donations that I implore you to give and donate please.
    This organization and Master Sgt. BAISDEN has made my Mount Rushmore.
    I was in a car wreck from a person who was texting I lost my job my car and home so please Help because indeed they save Lifes…Life’s… saved mine

  34. Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden is the best at providing valuable information that gets results, not frustration and dead end leads. If I had million dollars I would donate $200,000 to them to continue their mission of taking care all Veterans.

  35. This is a great place to enjoy fishing with other veteran who has ptsd, tbi and other medical problems, we meet new and old veterans we can stay calm here

  36. The Coats to Kentucky came about after a heart felt meeting that Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. gave last November 2021. Honorable Anthony Ford (Mayor of Stockbridge, GA) gave such a work in progress to the Veterans that were transitioning back to civilian life to help your community to be better with everything that you can. It moved me to want more for my community. To include, I just so happen to be sitting across from Representative Holly of District 111 (of Atlanta, GA), who also encouraged the Veterans at the table to reach out if we needed assistance at all.

    The need for coats came from a meeting that I Gia Gillies attended: the DAVA Auxiliary Unit 1 Chapter meeting November 8th, 2021. I volunteered to make the connection to ask these two Representatives whom I just met Honorable A. Ford and Representative Holly, for assistance in the need of Veterans coats. The results was Representative Holly returning a call to me Gia Gillies to start the ball rolling. We had to get a clear understanding of who would be able to help clear the Coat Closet on Ft. McPherson in guidelines of the CDC.

    We were able to come to a clarification when Representative Holly connected to Master Sgt Ret. Baisdens who then connected to me, Gia Gillies who in turn got with Commander Colbert of DAVA Unit 1, who in turn spoke to Ms. Ramos the head of the Coat Closet on Ft. McPherson. These connections are what made the event happen in Kentucky. In my opinion, the tragedy that took place came at the right timing for everyone to come together and work as a team to make these connections become a reality for the victims in Kentucky.

    We all needed one another to make the connections happen. Master Sgt. Baisdens and I connected quite well thanks to Representative Holly who was all in to help the people in need of assistance. The DAVA Unit 1 Auxiliary, was ready to step in to help in every way to make the need become a reality. Please be advised, DAVA Unit 1 will be so grateful to be of assistance to Southern Crescent Veterans, Inc. in future events. I have to add, Master Sgt. Baisdens is very timely, cordial and dependable in getting tasks completed.
    I hope this helped in understanding the lengths Southern Crescent Veterans Inc. is willing to go to help those in need of assistance. Serving the people will always be top priority to these organizations.

    * I cannot upload the pics of the food sent through Harvest Springs Ministries and the entire closet of coats that turned into 3 dozen bags of coats soaps, under garments and socks for the victims in Kentucky. My sincerest apologies.

    veteran woman

  37. I have been past due on my Ga power bill due to lack of work because of Covid-19 . I reached out to Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. and they stepped in to help without hesitation. I reached out to them and within a week they paid my bill in full to help me avoid disconnection and keep my power on during hard times. What a amazing company that helps veterans in times of need. I appreciate Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. for all their services and what they stand for. Thank you, I am so grateful.

  38. Southern Crescent is the FIRST group to say what they mean and mean what they say. They are not only active with local schools, but they are compassionate, helpful, and provides exceptional resources for Veterans. As a Vet, I’ve finally found a place to reach out to should I need the assistance, in the meantime I will do what I can to support the group and serve as a volunteer.

    Thank you SCVS for ALL that you do! You are appreciated!!!

  39. Southern crescent Veteran Services Inc. Is one of most reliable nonprofits in Ga because it puts people needs about everything else. They show that they care by great thier leadership and thank you for your great example.

  40. Southern Crescent is a organization with leaders that have a passion for the service they provide to like minded individuals that have fallen on hard and desperate times. I support and admire the heart and spirit of this organization.

  41. The people a very organized. Everyone is willing to help and help you with a smile on their face. They can improve by having more events because they really bring people together. I would recommend anyone to be a volunteer.

  42. I appreciate Southern Crescent Veteran Services because this nonprofit is there for the Veterans. Always helping families and doing the best they can to assist the people they serve.
    Donating to veterans implies you want to help them financially, with employment, with education, with wellness, or any number of challenging areas of life they face and that is what this non-profit does.

    Jackie Davis

  43. This nonprofit organization works tirelessly to help Veterans and their families in and the surrounding communities to get food, shelter, medicine and emotional support and I have enjoyed partnering with this Organization.

  44. I’m a Marine Corps vet with 3 small children. This organization is amazing! I was able to get out of the house a little and play some bingo for a few weeks where these wonderfull military women shared some knowledge with me! I’m so thankful! I was even able to participate in the toy drive and bring some joy to my babies! Thank you so much!!

  45. Recently my husband had 3 strokes, was hospitalized for 3 weeks and upon his return home, I became his caregiver. Unbeknownst to me was how to secure any help, assistance, and support to give him all of the best care he could get. Thank God for Southern Crescent Veteran Services, Inc.! They have been pivotal in connecting me/us to those in positions to further help us. My questions, concerns, and uncertainties were answered and calmly resolved through their relentless efforts. This group of dedicated individuals has been a blessing to and for us.
    Thank you for all that you have been to me and my husband…we are thoroughly grateful.
    SFC (Ret) L. Creecy and Kelly Randall Creecy

  46. I served my country by serving in the Army and now I’m serving my community by volunteering and donating to non profit organizations such as this one that are helping our veterans families and community families that are in need.
    The Southern Crescent does a great job trying to meet the needs of other veterans.

  47. Becoming a life Coach for the veteran community is an great way to help and assist a great sometimes overlook part of our community with so much to give. A supportive ear, love and care for these individuals can only aid the whole community.


  48. Amazing program they helped me in urgent need too pay off my new 2005 honda pilot. They are a great support system for veterans GOD BLESS THEM


  49. This organization has really been a blessing for me and my family. I am out of work and funds are low. They really came through for me and My family.


  50. As a Marine Corps veteran and someone who has worked with many veteran organizations, I have to put Southern Crescent Veteran Services up there with the best organizations around. Master Sgt. Baisden works tirelessly to ensure that veterans in our community are represented and the organization continuously has innovative programs that benefit our fellow service men and women.


  51. I am a single mother of two. I served 5 years in The Marine Corps. I lost my job during the pandemic and fell behind on rent. I was introduced to someone from AMVET who connected me with a liaison from Southern Crescent Veteran Services. They were able to help me within three days of speaking with them. I’m so grateful for their service!!

  52. I gave to this great organization because I enjoy helping Veterans. My husband is Retired Navy. We do our best to help any Veteran in need. Thanks for all you do through this wonderful organization.


  53. Southern Crescent is an awesome organization that is truly assisting veterans and connecting them with resources.

  54. I have donated to this wonderful organization because of the love shown to Veterans. As a veteran myself, we can’t always sit back and wait for the government to help our battle brothers and sisters.

    This Organization shows up when it’s needed and for that I give them a #HandSalute

    This is what Veterans need to feel like they aren’t left alone.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    Manswell T Peterson


  55. I had the pleasure of serving with MSG(R) Baisden during the military and now seeing her offering and supporting our Veterans has tremendously impacted our community. She works very hard to make sure veterans are informed and provides countless resources to those in need.


  56. Ask and you will receive! I communicated my request for help and the right people heard me! I am a survivor of the Camp LeJeune historic Water Contamination from the 1950’s to 1987. Thank you to all who want to help with the removal of the items from my shed! I received this notification from MSGT Patricia Baisden it said the following!

    Please be advised that VFW Post 5080 Commander from a local chapter will be calling you to bring members from his post to help you with cleaning out your shed!!!!!!

    Over 1 million Marines and family members were exposed to 4 deadly poisons which has caused my heart failure, renal failure and numerous mental health issues, skin conditions, nuero and autoimmune issues. I needed my 12 x 24 shed cleared so that I could store the 40 plus boxes of medical supplies that will be delivered monthly so that I could conduct home dialysis. I want to live. As this pandemic continues to spike I am in fear of my life going to the dialysis center 12 hours a weeks with so many sick people. I surely appreciate the help!

    Almighty!!! Glory!!!! I have a friend! I have veterans that care and they are coming to my aide… blessed I am!

  57. Where to start, southern crescent services has helped me so much when I was in need. They were on top of it instantly. It’s hard to find people that want to help when times are tough and you feel down in the dumps. Thank you SCS

    Aaron B

  58. So far they have been helping me get situated in a new state as a homeless veteran and its great support from even the basic needs small to big. I’m grateful for the help I’ve received so far and still to come even with the slow progress i have made die to a few hiccups. I know this program will not let me down

  59. Greetings! To all,

    It means the world to me to be apart of Veterans who served we can relate in such a way that only we understand. I’m very comfortable being around people who have walked the same walk I have.
    The events that are coordinated are very much need. I’m very grateful so I thank you with all my heart. I will continue supporting this organization because of the knowledge and experience and all it has given to many Veterans. Thank you!!



  60. Southern Crescent has been truly amazing as a female Veteran I have to opportunity to meet greet with other Veterans who I feel comfortable around.

    It give me great pleasure to know that have the opportunity to reach out to the organization tailored for Veterans when I need assistance or guidance.

    I say thank you for providing the knowledge, networking, resources that are provided.

  61. Hi. I’m a Army Vet new to the GA area and me and my family found ourselves in need of Emergency Housing. I spoke with MSgt Baisden on a Friday evening and we were in a hotel by Sunday. Actions speak louder than words! I had spoken with many organizations who claimed they are here to (Serve) Vets and there families and none had come through. So MSgt Baisden, I salute you and your organization for all you have done for me and so many other families.


  62. When my 90 year old father who is a Korean War Veteran had a bad fall several months ago he needed a mobilized wheel chair to get around, Master Sergeant (Ret) Baisden and Southern Crescent Veterans Services Inc. found one for him, and delivered it to my home all FREE of charge.

  63. Patricia has been very helpful over the past several months in regards to getting me in contact with the resources that I have been looking for, for the past several years.

  64. This organization has been very resourceful in providing insight to tools and events that have been very beneficial, along with fun. It’s always great to be brought together with fellow veterans, reuniting with some, and making brand new friends with others. Their services really lift the spirit, and rejuvenate. You won’t go wrong by getting involved today.

  65. Retired MSgt Baisden and this organization were a true blessing to my family during a very difficult time. When facing homelessness, she stepped in and got into contact with numerous support systems. She even helped get donations together for us at the 11th hour. She continues to reach out to us and send us every new possibility that might help us. We are and will remain grateful for all that was done on our behalf.

  66. Southern Crescent Veteran Services Inc. is helping all Veterans regardless of what city, state, or zip code.

    VA Claims, Utility Assistance, Housing, Food & Clothing Programs, and soon Cars 4 Veterans

  67. My name is Maurice Bacon, I am a Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves, my daughter and I came across some hard times at the moment and Ret. Master Sergeant Baisden and the Southern Crescent Veteran Service blessed us with a truck, I am truly grateful of her and of them for helping my daughter and myself with transportation that was truly needed. Thank you all again and many blessings to you all. I apologize for not having any photos, cause I’ve been busy working but when I get a chance I shall post them, thank you all again, shows me that when I do retire and become a veteran, I know where to go.

  68. Southern Crescent Veteran Services works with other nonprofits like our, to provide services to our Veterans. They are dedicated, diligent and highly effective.

    Toni Colley-Lee
    Silver Lining Villages


  69. I first hand enjoyed the experience of being a part this program by attending and event in Warsaw, Missouri. The Lead Program Coordinator Mrs. Patrica Baisden ensure that the Veterans feel comfortable and confident. Thank you

  70. Everything was going wrong. My car broke down so I couldn’t complete my classes for welding, my phone gets turned off my job lost one thing after the other, finally my storage was going to be entered into auction status. Overwhelmed by this and then some, stress and depression ensues. However I was directed to Southern Crescent Veteran Services and was awarded, no blessed with the 139.00 past due I needed to avoid my storage being auctioned off. Thank you so very much Southern Crescent Veteran service. Give Thanks.

  71. This is a beautiful thing they’re doing. We need things like this in our community. Helping people is their #1 goal and I’m thankful for that.

  72. This organization has been a blessing for our family. With being a disabled veteran mom, they helped from Christmas gifts to summer meals for kids and always keeping me in the loop on what’s going on in the community.

  73. This is an amazing organization that has helped my children and I with food during the summer. It allows me to not stress about paying bills, providing food, and making sure I am entertaining my girls.

  74. Thank you for your great service Southern Crescent Veteran Services! My family and I were able to sleep comfortably in the warm heat because you all pulled through and helped get the deposit in getting our utilities on, even on the exact move in day. You rock! Keep it up!- Hazel

  75. As the chairman of a major metropolitan county in the Atlanta area I value the services provided by the SCVS in my county. They have truly been a godsend to many veterans in our area and because of that it was easy to support this organization. God bless you and please continue to take care of our veterans, because they deserve the best!

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